I am a wordsmith, the Chief Scribe of Malaysia specialising in all things English language-related, including (but not limited to) copywriting, editing, proofreading, translating, transcription, etc.


Do you seek the magic spells that will draw attention to your products and services? Then come to me, the Expert of Expressions, the Pharaoh of Phrasing, the Wonderworker of Words. Allow me to give you the highest quality writing your page deserves. I guarantee a most exceptional experience for your readers with flawless flow and perfect grammar.

Editing & Proofreading

Copyediting and proofreading are actually two separate processes. The former is more in-depth, going into revision of the text to improve flow and structure. Proofreading only checks for grammar and consistency.

Translation & Transcription

I have extensive experience in translation from Malay, Chinese, and Japanese text to the English language, as well as transcription of English audio and video.