The written word is one of the most powerful tools of human civilisation. Think about how most of our technology relies on written communication that would have been absolutely impossible if we don’t have writing of any sort. As we look closer, we can see exactly how persuasive words are in the form of major historical revolutions sparked by simple yet emotive words such as “liberty, equality, and fraternity” and even in the form of propaganda.

Thus, it is not sufficient that one who is well-versed in grammar should write for you. You need content that not only makes sense; it needs to also be able to connect with your readers. This is the primary difference between copywriting—writing a ‘copy’ for the particular purpose of marketing—and copyrighting—the legal protection of artistic intellectual property giving exclusive rights of control to their respective creators. You can have a hundred words in perfect grammar, but it is just worthless if it fails to elicit an emotional response from readers.

This is where I come in.

You want something that will connect to your readers, get them to understand what it is that you want them to know. You need effective and efficient writing, not something that tries too hard to be clever or something that insults the intelligence of your readers.

I can help you with that.

From one to a thousand words (and more), I can provide you with the copy that you require. You shouldn’t have to worry about the appropriateness or grammar of your marketing copies.

Let me do all the worrying for you.

The difference between good copywriting and bad copywriting is only one tiny thought away. Find out my rates for worry-free copywriting by contacting me here.

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